5 Tips To Boost Your eBay Sales

Whether you are an experienced seller or are new to the e-commerce world, these 5 tips can help boost your performance on eBay and increase your sales.

  1. Add Keywords To Your Title

The listing title is the first impression your potential buyer will have of your product, this initial glance will be the deciding factor in whether they read further or even purchase your product. As such, keywords are crucial in encouraging customers to browse further.

When customers search on eBay, products are sorted under a default setting known as 'Best Match' so they can view the most relevant listings based on their search, using several keywords will help ensure your products are easy to locate, resulting in increased sales.

2. Offer Free Shipping

Offering free shipping can put you ahead of your competitors and make your listing more appealing. This is beneficial, especially when listing products for popular categories such as health & beauty, or video games. Your customers are more likely to purchase the products in their basket with this incentive, and research shows an increased basket revenue when free shipping is provided.

3. Use Volume Price Discounts

A volume price discount rewards customers who purchase from you in bulk. Offering incentives like this will encourage your customers to purchase larger volumes of orders. Helping to increase your profit margin and the likelihood of repeat purchases while also giving you a competitive edge.  

4. Use Variation Listings

There are many benefits to creating variation listings:

  • They are a great tool in promoting your products
  • They allow potential customers to see all buying options at a single glance, saving their time and encouraging purchases.
  • This listing style gives you a competative edge, making your products stand out in a saturated market.


5. Choose The Correct Category

To help buyers, eBay organises products under categories allowing customers to filter their search.  Picking the most appropriate category also allows eBays 'best match' formula to locate your item. So selecting the correct category (and subcategory)  is crucial. Take the time to research similar items and the categories they use to boost your own listings.

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